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Sustainable Finnish agrotechnology solutions present at the Finnish pavilion in Astana Expo 2017


The Finnish pavilion at the World Expo 2017 in Astana carries the theme “Sharing Pure Energy”. The pavilion gives the Expo audience the opportunity to explore energy-efficient, high quality and sustainable Finnish agrotechnology solutions. Agrotechnology from Finland, a national program gathering the most innovative Finnish companies operating in the field of agricultural and forestry machinery and livestock solutions, is bringing Finnish agrotech expertise to the Astana Expo. The aim is to make the Finnish offering more known to the Kazakh market and other Expo visitors, while at the same time further strengthening the good co-operation between Finland and Kazakhstan.


According to Elina Puszkarzewicz, Program Director of Agrotechnology from Finland, Finpro, the program is committed to connecting Finnish and Kazakhstani agricultural businesses in the long term.

“The current agricultural development and modernization project in Kazakhstan is a considerable long-term investment into the country’s future. We feel that the Finnish agrotechnology sector, with its strong history in agricultural innovation, has plenty of expertise to offer for the benefit of Kazakhstan,” Puszkarzewicz says. Kazakhstan has demand especially for crop and grain handling equipment and for livestock-related solutions. Puszkarzewicz emphasizes that Finnish agrotechnology companies develop globally recognized high-quality solutions and have special expertise in these fields. “Our harsh Northern climate and vulnerable environment requires agrimachines to be durable and easy to maintain, while setting sustainability as a number one priority. Finland has very strict animal welfare and food industry regulations, making Finnish companies innovative in developing efficient and hygienic livestock solutions that increase the productivity of farms and improve the welfare of animals.”


Special agrotechnology event at Astana Expo in September

The Finnish government is actively supporting the agricultural collaboration between Finland and Kazakhstan. A business delegation, led by Minister of Agriculture and the Environment Kimmo Tiilikainen, will visit Astana Expo on September 6-8, 2017. On September 7, Finland will host a special agrotechnology event at the expo.

“Kazakhstan and Finland have excellent mutual relations through previous cooperation projects, and both countries value the advancement of agricultural technology,” Minister Tiilikainen says. “We are pleased that Kazakhstan is organizing the World Expo this year. It gives us a new platform to connect Finnish experts, well equipped to serve the growing needs of the Kazakhstani agricultural industry, with local companies and stakeholders.”


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Elina Puszkarzewicz, Program Director, Agrotechnology from Finland, Finpro,
+358 40 3433 349,

Hetta Huittinen, Communications Manager, Finpro, +358 40 033 9597,


Finpro helps Finnish SMEs go international, encourages foreign direct investment in Finland and promotes tourism. Finpro comprises Export Finland, Visit Finland and Invest in Finland. Finpro is a public sector operator with 240 experts serving in 37 trade centers in 31 countries and 6 regional offices in Finland.

Agrotechnology from Finland facilitates Finnish agrotechnology companies to find new markets and increase their exports. The program is managed by Finpro.

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