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Reliable, easy to maintain and cost-effective Finnish agrotechnology solutions showcased in Poland


Finland’s weather conditions are exceptionally harsh and the harvesting season is very short, so Finnish agricultural machinery is designed to be highly reliable. Finnish producers also value easy maintenance, quick service and access to spare parts, which are essential to minimizing downtime and upkeep costs.


A delegation of leading Finnish agrotechnology companies is visiting Warsaw on 7-8 March 2018 to meet with possible Polish business partners and distributors. Finnish agrotechnology products are known for their high quality, efficiency and safety – a winning combination for producing the purest and safest food in the world.


Partner with leading companies from Finland


“Poland has an impressive agricultural sector with strong growth potential, which makes it a very interesting country for the Finnish companies participating in this delegation. They are eager to make new contacts in Poland and to develop long-term business partnerships,” says Elina Puszkarzewicz, Director of Business Finland’s Agrotechnology from Finland program, who is leading the delegation.


Finnish companies seeking business partners in Poland:


JPT-INDUSTRIA is an innovative feed factory manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in the field.


METALSERVICE HARTIKAINEN (Tampereen Konepajat) provides diverse engineering works and steel structure (EN1090) services, and also designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of metal industry products for agriculture and industry.


FIGEN is the major Finnish swine genetics supplier that offers high-performance live animals and fresh boar semen for breeding purposes, managing a comprehensive breeding program for pork producers globally.


FARMTOOLS is one of the top oil tank companies in Finland, manufacturing tanks for the storage and transport of fuel oil, and providing safe, practical and environmentally friendly solutions.


ANTTI-TEOLLISUUS has more than 60 years’ experience in serving the agricultural sector, providing outstanding products and solutions for grain handling, including dryers, storage, grain processing and automation.


DEMECA offers solutions to improve the productivity of milk and beef production, including automated cow stall bedding systems, natural ventilation systems for cow sheds, slurry scraper systems, crushing slurry pumps and biogas solutions.


Meet the Finnish companies in Warsaw


Poland is one of the focus countries of the Agrotechnology from Finland growth program in 2018. Polish companies and persons interested in meeting the delegation should contact Business Finland’s office located at the Embassy of Finland in Warsaw.

“We are ready to arrange one-to-one meetings with the Finnish companies and help to matchmake possible partnerships,” says Kirsi-Maarit Poljatschenko, Vice President, Head of Region, Business Finland, Central and Eastern Europe.

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