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Finnish agrotechnology has its eye on Uzbekistan


The growth rate of Uzbekistan’s agriculture sector has been around 6 percent for the last couple of years. Meanwhile, the significant growth backs up local investment in agrotechnology.

Agrotechnology will be one of the addressed issues during a Finnish business delegation’s visit in Uzbekistan. As of now, agriculture accounts for around 17 percent of the country’s GDP and 26 percent of the labor force, creating an interesting market for Finnish agrotechnology solutions.

More interestingly, as the Government of Uzbekistan is strongly seeking ways to increase the productivity of agriculture, a need for new technologies and solutions is likely to increase. The opportunity will emerge in a variety of agriculture-related sectors, such as food security, breeding, mills, packaging and even textiles.

The delegation journey, led by Niklas Lindqvist, the Roving Ambassador of Finland to Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, will take place between 26 and 31 of March 2017.

At the core of the journey will be discussions with local representatives of the institutions like the World Bank, Delegation of the European Union as well as Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan. In addition, the program includes the likes of B2B meetings.

From an agrotechnology perspective, perhaps the most interesting part of the delegation journey will be a visit at the AgroWorld Uzbekistan, the leading exhibition of the country’s agricultural sector.


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