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Finnish agrotechnology businesses present unique technologies at the KazAgro/KazFarm 2016 exhibition


The agricultural modernization and development project in Kazakhstan is drawing attention from European companies interested in expanding to new markets. A delegation of Finnish companies is joining the KazAgro trade fair held in Astana on October 26-28th to promote their expertise and offering to local partners.

Agrotechnology from Finland, a national growth program managed by Finland’s export promotion agency Finpro, is bringing five companies to the KazAgro fair. The purpose of their visit is to present their products and services at the fair, as well as connect with local partners and customers, and plan future actions in Kazakhstan.  

 “The agricultural development and modernization project happening in Kazakhstan today is a considerable long-term investment into the country’s future. It is also a great opportunity for Finland’s agrotechnology sector, which has a strong history in agricultural innovation and plenty of expertise to offer,” says Elina Puszkarzewicz,Finpro’s Program Director responsible for the Agrotechnology from Finland growth program.

“Kazakhstan and Finland have excellent mutual relations through previous cooperation projects, and both countries value the advancement of agricultural technology. We are excited to bring along a selection of Finnish specialist companies that are well equipped to serve the growing needs of the Kazakhstani agricultural industry.”

Kazakhstan demand for Finnish technology is high in crop and grain handling equipment, such as storage and transportation solutions and also in livestock-related areas where Finnish companies have plenty of expertise.  For example feedstuff production equipment, feeding solutions, supply of pedigree animals and genetic material, as well as artificial insemination and embryo transplant technologies.

The Finnish companies attending KazAgro-2016 have a strong focus on these key areas. JPT Industria, for example, has several years’ worth of experience in manufacturing chicken, pig and cattle feed production solutions.

“We have already surveyed the Kazakhstan market previously and found that our offering meets the current local demands very well. Our connections in Kazakhstan are promising and we have high expectations for future business, particularly considering the enormous scale of the country’s agricultural modernization project,” says Juha Nisula, CEO of JPT Industria.

Finpro’s Agrotechnology from Finland growth program is committed to connect Finnish and Kazakhstani agricultural businesses in the long term, and is also participating in the activities organized at the Finnish pavilion during Expo 2017 in Astana next year.

Companies attending the KazAgro fair in Astana through Agrotechnology from Finland:

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Elina Puszkarzewicz Program Director – Agrotechnology from Finland, Finpro, Mobile: +358 40 3433 349


Hetta Huittinen Communications Manager, Finpro, Mobile: +358 40 033 9597

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