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Finnish agrotechnology meets high standards of European clients at the EuroTier exhibition

The quality of Finnish agricultural technology stands out in the eyes of the Central European buyers. Besides, Finnish solutions are known for their strong focus on environmental aspects. The strengths of the Finnish agrotechnology were apparent at the EuroTier 2016 exhibition in Hannover, Germany

At the exhibition, Finpro helped Finnish companies to connect with potential foreign clients. Standing for the Finnish agrotechnology’s reputation for top-notch quality was the delegation of Veljekset Ala-Talkkari, Pellon Group, Figen, Nipere, Demeca, Palax, JPT Industria and Avant Tecno.

In addition to quality and environmental aspects, Finnish companies have a tendency to invest considerable share of their turnover into R&D as well as emphasize quality control and product testing. Nearly all Finnish agrotechnology companies are ISO 9001:2008 certified, with several companies supporting 14001:2004 environmental certification as well. In the European market, these elements are held in high regard.

Altogether, the pool of eight Finnish companies gained tens of potential business negotiations at EuroTier. Consequently, the companies reported a number of new business negotiations and further proposals after the event.

“Within the industry, EuroTier is among the world’s largest exhibitions,” says Tapio Seppä-Lassila, Program Manager at Finpro’s Agrotechnology from Finland Growth Program. “Due to its significance, EuroTier is the focal point for many European farmers and companies, not only to meet international clients but also to encounter their domestic players, as more or less everyone shows up there.”

Finnish agrotechnology provider Demeca was one of the especially satisfied companies after the event.

“As of now, we have an ongoing business negotiation for a supply agreement with a German partner,” reveals Pekka Vinkki, the CEO of Demeca. “First of all, we deepened this collaboration at the expo. Secondly, we achieved a couple of promising leads for potential distribution agreements in Europe.”

“From our perspective, the largest demand in the Central European market is for agricultural slurry handling solutions and biogas plants,” Vinkki says.

According to Tapio Seppä-Lassila, behind the success of the Finnish delegation was a thorough preparation.

“The preparatory work is crucial part of the expo; you can’t just go there and wait for a miracle,” he comments. “Well done preparation correlates strongly with the overall results and company satisfaction.”

In part, the growth program took care of this by prescheduling a series of direct meetings with recognized potential buyers.

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